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Origin of our breed

The breed is one of the oldest in the world, descibed in the first animal husbandry books in the 15th century and according to Rodero et al. "It was the only breed of goat mentioned in the colonization of America"

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Our breed

Racial Prototype and Linear Morphological Qualification, two pillars and the same objective


Medium-large in size, straight or slightly drooping forward.


Medium in size, triangular, with a broad forehead, slightly depressed fronto-nasal suture.


The weight of the males varies between 50 and 70 Kg and that of the females between 40 and 55.

Thin skin

Fine skin, short-haired in females, stronger in males, which presents along the upper edge of the neck and dorsal-lumbar line a strip of long hairs.

Wide and deep trunk

Rounded ribs. Broad chest fused to a broad belly, slightly prominent withers and straight dorsal-lumbar line


Fine, solid, of medium length and good poise.


Implanted forward and outward, thin skin, elastic and hairless.


Wide and voluminous, symmetrical, with a wide base of implantation


Small collected, strong and dark in color


Short and erectile


Uniform black or mahogany coat and dark or rosy mucous membranes respectively (no type of white hair is accepted)


Light and fine neck in females, shorter, powerful and well inserted in males

More than just high production

Milk and meat quality, Adaptation and Metabolic Efficiency in our DNA

The harmony of all these characteristics constitute our Breeding Program, being considered one of the most important breeds in production and quality of milk linked to the territory.

Herd book of the breed

In Caprigran, as an officially recognized farmers association, we register the Murciano Granadina Breed animals, mentioning their ancestors and thus constituting the essential tool for the development of our Breeding Program.

The Program for the Improvement of the Murciano-Granadina breed

The Program for the Improvement of the Murciano Granadina BreedThe main objective of the Program is to improve the productivity and profitability of the milk production of the Murciano Granadina goat, taking into account many factors that increase not only milk yield but also the quality based on its composition.


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