New technology - Caprigran

New technology

The constant innovation is key for transformation

We work to promote the economic development of our farmers through training, advice and the implementation of new technologies, all together to improve the comprehensive management of the farm. This has led our breeders to be today a benchmark in competitiveness, profitability and economic, social and environmental sustainability in the diary goat sector.

In such a competitive global primary sector, it is essential to boost the profitability of the farms, optimizing efficiency while committing to care for the environment and society. In Caprigran, the farmers walk in the same direction sharing the same objective, through development and implementation of IT and the modernization of their farms.

In recent years at CAPRIGRAN we have led within Cabrandalucía the development of computer tools to support technical, economic and environmental management through the systematized data collection, processing and generating easy to interpret feedback to the farmer and thus optimizing decision making.

All this progress has been an important step towards improving the competitiveness and sustainability of the livestock farms, allowing the farmer to have a complete and comprehensive knowledge of what happens on their farm and transforming the livestock sector and making it more attractive for the new generations of entrepreneurs.