Breeding program - Caprigran


The main objective of our Program is to improve the productivity and profitability of the dairy production of the Murciano-Granada goat, taking into account factors that increase milk production, and also that improve the quality based on its composition. In addition the program accounts for productive longevity based on the conformation of the udder, the legs and the depth of the thorax.


We work every day for the improvement of the Breed, its production and milk quality.

Genealogy Control and Affiliation Analysis

For the proper functioning of the Breeding Program, it is necessary to carry out kinship controls by analyzing the parentage of each animal with its parents.

Milk Yield Control

The main farm management tool providing detailed and individualized information on the quantity and quality of the milk produced, which, when well managed, will help the farmer to make decisions about these animals.

Linear Morphological Qualification

The linear morphological qualification is based on the evaluation by regions, whose final score will represent the degree to which an animal approaches the ideal morphotype. It is expressed on a scale of points that can go up to 100.

Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination makes it possible to improve the genetic connection of the animals and herds that participate in the breeding program and makes it possible to export high-value genetic material to other countries with the maximum sanitary guarantees.

Genetic evaluation

Thanks to the highly precise Genetic Value, farmers can choose the best animals and improve generation after generation the production and quality of their animals' milk. Hence the importance of the quality of the different phases that make up the Improvement Program

Buck catalogue

Get to know the buck of the Murciano-Granadina Breed, their morphology, genetic values and reliability