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Promotion and dissemination

Making our Breed and our work known

At Caprigran our mission is to promote and disseminate the Breed Murciano-Granadina. Among our activities we encourage and facilitate artificial insemination as a means to spread our breeding program, promote the breed and its products, participate in fairs and events, export our model and our genetics and constantly train faemers and technicians in the sector to facilitae generational renewal.

We promote the development of our Genetic Breeding Program through a wide use of Artificial Insemination and new reproductive techniques. The use of artificial insemination genetically improves the animals of a farm more quickly and directly influences the profitability of farms, especially those oriented to dairy production.

Caprigran developed the ‘100% Murciano Granadina’ autochthonous breed logo, a certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, which guarantees that the animals and products marketed under this logo come an Autochthonous breed. As such we contribute to the dissemination of the added value that autochthonous breeds bring to rural areas and our livestock productions, promoting sustainable and quality production models, both in the conservation and maintenance of resources as well as in their improvement and utilization. We support the breeders of the Murciano Granadina breed through alternative means of profitability such as the sale of artisan cheese or the sale of kid meat.

We contribute to the dissemination of the Breed among farmers and the society through the organization of Famring Fairs and Contests both nationally (CONFEVAP) and internationally (Livestock Fair of the Middle East or Portugal). In the livestock fairs different members of the sector get involved, which generates synergies and facilitates overcoming common difficulties.

The Internationalization of our Breed is today one of our main objectives. Caprigran sell both animals and genetic material and export our autochthonous breed logo products, we cooperate with Associations and Administrations in other countries, providing technical advice on the management of dairy goat farms. With all this we spread our model and our Breed to the rest of the world at the same time that we contribute to the rural development of the most disadvantaged areas in which the goat sector is the main livelihood for many families.

We carry out training and conferences for both technicians and farmers in the sector, generating knowledge and adding value to the sector in general and to the Murciano-Granada breed in particular. It is important for the sector that young people get involved and that they are also professionals trained in the management of a farm. The future of the sector is in your hands.