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The Murciano Granadina goat, a cosmopolitan breed

The Murciano-Granada goat is the most international Spanish goat breed, which is spread throughout the neighbouring countries of Portugal and France, in the main countries of the Mediterranean basin: Italy, Greece, Morocco and more recently in other countries such as Iran, Russia and Romania. Likewise, frozen semen is exported to countries such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Chile and the United States.

Currently, Caprigran manages its commercial and institutional relations with third countries through the development of collaboration agreements, which has facilitated to improve business opportunities and overcome existing barriers.


Cooperation in rural agro-livestock development in Chile through partnerships with UNAF, COOPRED and Universidad Católica de Temuco, contributing our specialization and knowledge in the Genetic Improvement and exporting our Sustainable Management Model, Innovation and Development of new technologies for the Management of the herds. First export of seminal doses of Murciano-Granadina were sent to the Centro Experimental Agronómico las Cardas.


Caprigran currently has six breeders providing services of the Breeding Program in Portugal: Dairy Control, Artificial Insemination, Linear Morphological Qualification and Filiation Analysis. Likewise, we commercialize both live animals and seminal doses, Portugal being one of our most important destinations.


Participation in the Xanxi Dairy Industries Congress with the presentation of the Murciano-Granada Breed Breeding Program and the Caprigran Management Model.


Participation as exhibitor and speaker at the IRANPLEX Fair, the main Livestock Fair in the Middle East in 2017. Likewise, since 2019 we are exporting goats from our farmers to different areas of this country.


Signing a collaboration agreement with ABCC and Apromurce for the management of the Genealogical Book and the Program for the Improvement of the Murciano-Granada Breed. First export of genetic material of autochthonous Spanish goat breed to Brazil with the aim of spreading the Murciano-Granada Breed in that country.


First export of live animals and genetic material of the Murciano-Granada Breed in December 2018.


First export of almost 3,000 seminal doses of the Murciano-Granada Breed to the United States, this being one of the most competitive markets worldwide.

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