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Caprigran from inside

Take a look inside Caprigran – meet our team and partners and tour the office where we work.

Get to know Caprigran

Each of those who make up Caprigran adds value to the entity. Since 1979, Caprigran has provided farmers with the hope and confidence to thrive.

Association Board

The members of our Board are farmers and their experience in the sector is the main driver for decision making. They were elected in the General Assembly on June 5th, 2019.

  1. José Javier Rodríguez Fernández, Presidente
  2. Antonio José Bejarano Merchán, Vicepresidente
  3. Ángel Manzano Acuña, Tesorero
  4. Arturo Barroso Caballero, Secretario

Our Members

  • Mª Isabel López Fernández
  • Antonio Díaz Izquierdo
  • José Alberto Pérez Díaz
  • Evaristo Muñoz Imbernón
  • Francisco Javier García Cervilla
  • Juan López soto
  • Nicolás Mateos Pinero
  • Mª Pilar Carreño Martín
  • Miguel Segovia Pozanco
  • Carlos A. García Rodríguez

Our Members

The success of our farmers supports our work. Currently Caprigran has more than hundred members, all of them committed to the program to improve the Murciano-Granadina Breed, forming a solid business network toward future developments.


The solid experience of our human team makes Caprigran a successful association. Our farmers share our philosophy and values ​​and we work together in the same direction.

We believe that the way to make the sector more efficient and competitive begins by empowering farmers and allowing them to make a living from their work.

Javier Álvarez Fernández


Professional advisor and guidance. Planning and control of the performance of the association. Funding Management

Emilio Martínez Hurtado


More than 20 years of experience in technical advicing and implementation of information systems and communication networks

Manolo Delgado Vico


Advice and guidance on health and reproductive matters. Physiological control and programming of the reproductive cycle of animals

Antonio Martín Ramírez


More than 30 years working in Caprigran as responsible for the morphological qualification of the Murciano Granadina Breed animals.

Olivia González Segura


Responsible for the management and technical-economic analysis of the farmers, marketing and digital communication and accounting management.

Ana Belén López Narváez


Responsible for keeping of the genealogical book of the Murciano Granadina Breed and support and advice in the day-to-day life of our breeders

Our facilities

Our headquarters in Granada is the center of reference for the Murciano Granada Breed worldwide.


Our values define us:


Innovation pushes us to progress, transform and inspire the society around us. It involves promoting new business models adapted to a new demand and being competitive.


We seek excellence in what we do. Thus achieving greater efficiency and generating the trust of the society that surrounds us


Working with respect favors dialogue and participation. We all have a role at Caprigran and we add value to the organization.


All work together towards the same direction, always for the benefit of farmers.


We act honestly and we are conistent with the words, decisions and actions that we carry out.