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Entrepreneurial Projects. Generating success

New ideas and projects that add value to the final product

The breeders of the Murciano Granadina Breed are found across the Iberian peninsula. Each territory has its own peculiarities and the objective of each farmer is to manage the resources they have in the most efficient way

Empowerment of Women

Ensuring women’s access to markets has been key to increase family income.

We support women to improve their production. We work together with them, providing echnical support for decision-making. We make their voices heard in the community. At Caprigran l’as Ganaderas’ (female farmers) count on us for training in the management of their animals and the tools and experience to make their farms more productive. Currently we have more than 20% of flocks managed by Women, being also part of the Caprigran Management Board and actively participating in conferences and courses. They are emerging as community leaders and prosperous business owners.

Young Cattlemen

New generations of farmers, a promising future

In Caprigran we are fortunate to have a whole generation of young farmers involved in their work and who trust in the benefits of the Murciano Granadina Breed. Despite being part of a sector not yet fully benefited by new technologies, they have opted for modernization and have relied on digitization as the key to success in their businesses. Agile in the use of these new technologies and placing their trust on our support and guidance, they are the future of a sector that, without leaving tradition behind, is moving steadily towards new horizons

Renewable energy

Environmental sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

Our farmers are committed to the use of renewable energy and an example of this are Carlos and Víctor, two brothers from the municipality of Diezma, province of Granada. Their farm belongs to the Selective Breeding Nucleus of Caprigran and currently holds 390 animals.
They have decided to take advantage of the long hours of sunshine and have placed solar panels on the roof of the main farm building. This has allowed them to get enough power for the operation of most of the milking and feeding equipment. Renewable energies benefit everyone without exception and the goat sector could not be different.

Farm Cheese Factory

Artisan cheeses with local recipes

Antonio and Jose Luis, two brothers from the municipality of Alhama de Granada, decided to make cheese following an artisan local recipe with the milk from their own goats.
The milk goes daily directly to the Cheese Factory. The production process is completely handmade and follows the traditional recipe for ‘Alhama de Granada cheese’.

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Entrepreneurial Projects. Generating success

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