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Developing skills for growth

As the farmers continue to expand their businesses, ongoing training is essential. It is also important to support young entrepreneurs who want to dedicate themselves to livestock farming and need to know the bases for proper business management.

Training Center for Young Farmers

The future of the Breed and the sector is in your hands

At Caprigran we support Young People with a vocation and interest in a Breed with a future. That is why, fom 2020, the Training Center for Young farmers was launched. The facilities have didactic material and expert technicians in the sector, to provide courses and workshops for the training of our young people.

We try to facilitate the start in the sector for fully trained young people, promoting the generational change, which is so important in the livestock sector.

We make young people aware of the value of livestock so that they see the rural world as an alternative for their professional careers and feel that they are really building a healthier society with their products and that they have an enormous responsibility towards it.

Project Co-financed 90% EAFRD and 10% Junta de Andalucía

Continuous training

Our goal: Professionalization and excellence training in the livestock sector 

Any business require careful management, which is why we provide expert training and support as farmers increase production and sales. Continuous training is essential to improve the competences of companies, adapting to current legislation and new technology progress.

The sector is evolving and livestock production is increasingly changing towards quality and other activities related to tourism, the enhancement of heritage and landscape, the use of renewable energies, the development of activities related to information and communication technologies, which are making ossible to take advantage of the potential and development possibilities of rural areas. For that we work every day to create favorable environments for entrepreneurship and innovation, trying to deal with the difficulties for the professionalization of the primary sector

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