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Training and technical advice

Creating professionals with a future

As farmers continue to expand their businesses, continuous training is essential. It is also important to support young entrepreneurs who decided to devote their acivity to livestock famring and want to know the bases for proper management. At Caprigran we have specialist technicians to provide support in all necessary elements for developing a  comprehensive management of the farm.

Training Center for young Farmers

We support Young entrepreneurs who want to start their livestock farming activity together with Caprigran. In our center we train and provide technical and financial advice on the business plan prior to the start-up of the farming business. We also carry out accompanying activities such as the purchase of animals, (genetics + health), management, feeding, reproduction and all those activities of the Breeding Program necessary to start a business with guarantees.


Technical-economic advice and Continuous Training

Businesses require careful management, which is why we provide expert training and support as ranchers increase production and sales. Continuous training is essential to improve the skills of companies, adapting to current legislation and new technologies.

Our objective is to improve the performance of professionals thanks to the application of teaching methodologies based on participation and direct learning in the field and that favor labor productivity by internalizing knowledge.

Technical-Economic and Environmental Advice

At Caprigran we support farmers in the profitable management of their farm, generating more competitive and sustainable farms thanks to our knowledge of the sector for more than 40 years. We advise on a technical, economic and social level, all without forgetting the global change that surrounds us. Taking into account the sustainable development goals that were adopted globally to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity, at Caprigran we tackle climate change through precision feeding, and carbon footprint analysis, which allows us to be more productive and at the same time we reduce the levels of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Our goal is to improve the sustainability and profitability of farms by supporting decision-making.


Spain is an endemic area of ​​contagious agalactia, which entails high economic losses for the sector. For this reason, in Caprigran we have developed a Comprehensive Health Plan aimed at the early diagnosis of infected animals. CAEV and Agalaxia, which are not mandatory, influence the profitability of the farm and that is why a collaboration agreement has been established with Cabrandalucia and the University of Murcia for the control of these diseases. In addition, Caprigran farmers carry out Tembladera or Scrapie tests, which allows them to export animals.


Caprigran currently has a tool that makes it easier for technicians and farmers in the sector to collect data and conduct technical, economic, social and environmental assessment of the individual farms. It is therefore an essential element for the farmer’s decision making. The tool offers the farmer @ the data for proper management: replacement selection, culling planning, farm monitoring, feeding, invisible losses.