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Logo 100% Raza Autóctona Murciano-Granadina

The 100% Autochthonous Breed seal tells us more than just the origin of the products. He tells us about the history of our ranchers who, generation after generation, work to preserve pure Spanish autochthonous breeds and their traditional recipes.


Artisan cheese factories that make their cheeses only with milk from the Murciano-Granada Breed

Murciano-Granadina Breed milk is characterized by its high fat and protein content, providing a high yield for the production of cheese. With the maximum sanitary guarantees and using the traditional recipes of each point of Spain, the cheeses of our farmers are characterized by their creaminess and their unique flavor.


Delicate, tender, juicy, with a mild flavor, and very aromatic.

Stews or roasts do not require any accompaniment to obtain a resounding and authentic flavor. The kids are fed exclusively on milk and from the moment they are born they follow strict protocols that guarantee the traceability of the product, being able to verify that they are goat meat of the Murciano-Granada breed. It is very lean meat with a low fat index presenting a meat of maximum tenderness and juiciness.

CheeArtisan Cheese Factoriesses

They are made in an artisanal way, one by one, with the direct action of a master cheesemaker who takes care of each of the phases in the process of making this delicious and healthy product. Artisan cheeses seek to awaken unique experiences and bring flavors, textures and nuances to the consumer that will surprise us and that will be a real pleasure for our palate.

Quesos "Puerto Carrillo"


Contact: 646 89 38 06

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Quesos "Alejo"


Contact: 697 14 51 81

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Quesos “Cortijo Júrtiga”

Alhama de Granada

Contact: 619 197 547

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Quesos “Hircus”

Palacios del Pan. Zamora

Contact: 646 89 38 06

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Quesos “El Pericho”

Roquetas de Mar

Contact: 950 45 44 33

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Quesos "Valdehornos"

Horcajo de los Montes

Contact: 636 99 96 51

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