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R + D + I

We are committed to research for the development of our Breed and its breeders

At Caprigran we believe in digitization and the implementation of new information technologies to make life easier for the farmer and to also generate wealth for the sector. We have contributed to the implementation of a new concept in the management of their livestock farms through direct control of individual animals´data or “Precision Livestock”, among other projects.

APP + Android PDA with microchip reader

We facilitate the management of the farm to make them more efficient.

At CAPRIGRAN we have an Android PDA with a Microchip reader and barcode. This, together with an APP allows us to collect data in a systematized, individual, precise and traceable way, (i.e. Physiological status, productivity – milk yield and quality -, prolificacy, morphological qualification, genetic value, groups management, etc. In doing so, in real time and during the daily handling routine (milking, vaccination, grouping, etc.) it generates all the necessary data to know the productive viability of each animal, selection of replacement and culling, selection of the optimum timing of mating. , selection of the best animals for Artificial Insemination and consequently to be able to decide in an agile and effective way on key issues in the Management of a Dairy Goat Farm.

Management Web Platform

Making decisions and improving results is possible

From 2018, the Management Web Platform was launched, which aimed to facilitate, both technicians and farmers in the goat sector, the collection of data and their technical, economic and environmental analysis. Through this platform, one can manage all the parameters related to the farm such as:

  • Information on each animal: Identification, Morphological qualification, Production, Veterinary treatments, Genetic data.
  • Technical & Economic Reports
  • Calculation of the Carbon Footprint

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