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The Murciano Granadina goat, a cosmopolitan breed

The Murciano-Granada goat is the most international Spanish goat breed, which is spread throughout the neighbouring countries of Portugal and France, in the main countries of the Mediterranean basin: Italy, Greece, Morocco and more recently in other countries such as Iran, Russia and Romania. Likewise, frozen semen is exported to countries such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Chile and the United States.

Currently, Caprigran manages its commercial and institutional relations with third countries through the development of collaboration agreements, which has facilitated to improve business opportunities and overcome existing barriers.

R + D + I

We are committed to research for the development of our Breed and its breeders

At Caprigran we believe in digitization and the implementation of new information technologies to make life easier for the farmer and to also generate wealth for the sector. We have contributed to the implementation of a new concept in the management of their livestock farms through direct control of individual animals´data or “Precision Livestock”, among other projects.


Developing skills for growth

As the farmers continue to expand their businesses, ongoing training is essential. It is also important to support young entrepreneurs who want to dedicate themselves to livestock farming and need to know the bases for proper business management.

Entrepreneurial Projects. Generating success

New ideas and projects that add value to the final product

The breeders of the Murciano Granadina Breed are found across the Iberian peninsula. Each territory has its own peculiarities and the objective of each farmer is to manage the resources they have in the most efficient way

Training. Maximizing the Experience

The best way to train farmers

Learning through experiences is the most natural way to do so. At Caprigran we have made progress in training methods and we are committed to a process by which knowledge is created based on experience through three fundamental aspects: Practice, Observation and Experiment.

In addition, training is based on horizontal communication, that is, on an equal footing, avoiding more hierarchical and vertical schemes typical of traditional training. Thus the farmers and technicians themselves are in charge of carrying out the training action. When knowledge is acquired through one’s own experience, it is learned, retained and remembered more easily.

Product valorization: ‘I do not break the chain Iniciative’

The goat sector involved in the Pandemic Health Crisis

Due to the Covid19 health pandemic crsis, Caprigran, together with Cabrandalucía (Andalusian Federation of Purebred Goat Associations) and its member associations, participates in the #yonorompolacadena initiative.

Although the primary sector is also being affected by this crisis, our farmers have not hesitated to contribute to help the most affected societal groups in the best way they know, by supplying with basic necessities to key community services (hospitals, security forces, nursing homes, soup kitchens, etc …). In addition, this campaign aims to increase household consumption of products derived from the goat sector, 100% sustainable products with high nutritional value ​​that make them great allies to combat this current pandemic as they strengthen our immune system.