Economic, social and environmental sustainability - Caprigran

Economic, social and environmental sustainability

An enduring development model in which respect for the environment, profitability, and family conciliation coexist in perfect balance.

At Caprigran, we are aware of the need to make changes in the values ​​and ways of managing livestock farms as a pathway to achieve FAO’s global Sustainable Development goals. These objectives encompass not only economic aspects, but also the social and environmental contexts. The ultimate goal of these goals is to eradicate poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. At the level that Caprigran operates, our Model integrates these objectives and the means to achieve them.

The average age of the farmers represent how challenging generational change in the sector is. At Caprigran we develop and implement a Management Model that facilitates an adequate balance between profitability, family conciliation and respect for the environment, which we believe encourage the entrepreneurship in dairy goat herds as a real alternative among our young people.

At Caprigran, through our international development cooperation projects, we contribute to address the end of poverty and zero hunger, exporting our “know-how” to the most disadvantaged societies in the world. The alliances generated with national and international organizations and administrations help us to fulfil these objectives.

Gender Equality, economic growth and the reduction of inequalities are other objectives in which we work on through the modernization and training of our farmers. They access all their data, make decisions in real time and evaluate their results. With the field work tool and web access to information, we provide a competitive advantage to the farm business, making them more sustainable not only economically but also socially. It makes managing the farm easier and faster and also makes it easier for young people and women to become owners of profitable business and compatible with their family life.

Gender Equality, economic growth and the reduction of inequalities

Climate action

Climate Action is another of our objectives through the reduction of greenhouse gases. The analysis of environmental parameters such as the calculation of the carbon footprint and the balance of greenhouse gases is another of the areas included in the management tool available to our farmers. This has allowed the farms to be more productive and profitable, resilient and respectful of the environment.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability

Our farms have a Web Platform that allows them to carry out technica, economic, environmental and social monitoring of their farms in order to be efficient in the use of resources and balancinf family-work life.


Through our model, we are able to promote competitive advantages by reducing production costs and achieving a more efficient management of resources, allowing better competition in globalized markets.

Cost effectiveness

At Caprigran we have always given priority thorugh our management model to improve the profitability of our farmers business and to ensure the can sustain it in the long term.

Food safety

We know how important it is to know the origin of the products we eat, that is why our farmers have the highest hygienic-sanitary requirements that allow us to guarantee the traceability of the entire production process: "from farm to table"