Competitiveness - Caprigran


Our flocks compete in the current market, consolidating our Breed and expanding to other territories.

When it comes to being more competitive, technology, innovation capacity and specialization are vital. But they are not the only factors that influence the competitiveness of a livestock farm. At Caprigran we know that the key to being more competitive comes from four essential factors, and every day we work on each one of them so that the farmers and their businesses are more competitive.


Professionalization of our faermers through training courses and continuous advice from specialist technicians. We create professionals in the sector who share our values, and are competitive both in the sale of high quality milk and genetics. The demand from the large dairy industries for a sustained milk production throughout the year has caused the management system to be modified, to make the animals less dependent on pasture and achieve more sustained productions. If, in addition to this, we add the need to adapt to EU regulations to improve the quality of milk and animal health, (all aimed at safety in food consumption), it is clear the interest in Caprigran to guide the farmers to work in this direction.  

Cost reduction

The emphasis on cost reduction is done through the optimization of the time dedicated to management. With the farm management tool and the web platform, the farmers will be able to get their data and act accordingly more quickly and easily. Through the technical-economic reports, the farmer will quickly check what their expenses and income are and where they come from, and therefore decide on pertinent changes/adaptations. The modernization and development of information systems is today an added value for our farmers.

Constant innovation

Constant innovation that allows us to be more competitive in an increasingly specialized sector. Innovation in management techniques with the implementation of an advisory system for the sustainable management of goats makes us pioneers both at a technical and environmental level.


Internationalization of our Model and our Breed. Unique genetics, together with a Management Model that allows farmers and their families to have a profitable business that is respectful of the environment and society. These have been the key elements for Caprigran to be an example for farmers in the rest of the world and we can export our “know-how” and the genetics of the Murciano-Granada Breed.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability

Our farms have a Web Platform that allows them to carry out technica, economic, environmental and social monitoring of their farms in order to be efficient in the use of resources and balancinf family-work life.


Through our model, we are able to promote competitive advantages by reducing production costs and achieving a more efficient management of resources, allowing better competition in globalized markets.

Cost effectiveness

At Caprigran we have always given priority thorugh our management model to improve the profitability of our farmers business and to ensure the can sustain it in the long term.

Food safety

We know how important it is to know the origin of the products we eat, that is why our farmers have the highest hygienic-sanitary requirements that allow us to guarantee the traceability of the entire production process: "from farm to table"