Linear Morphological Qualification - Caprigran

Linear Morphological Qualification

Productivity and longevity of animals

All male and female to enter the selection program must be qualified for inclusion in the Official Herd Book. In addition to selecting for the productive characteristics, it is also selected for Morphology since it is closely related to greater production and longevity of the animal.

At Caprigran we establish a morphological qualification of our animals, evaluating aspects such as:

– Structure and capacity: height; chest width; body depth; croup width; croup angle.

– Dairy structure: angularity; bone quality.

– Mammary system: anterior udder insertion; udder rear insertion height; rear width of udder; middle suspensory ligament; udder depth; nipple placement; diameter of the nipples.

– Legs and feet: rear view rear legs; rear leg side view; mobility.