Artificial insemination - Caprigran

Artificial insemination

Genetic connection of flocks

The Pedigree Book is a basic and essential pillar to develop any breeding program and selection. By using it, we can obtain information about the ancestors and descendants of each animal and monitor the quality of the animals and their milk production.

Buck Selection

For the selection of the bucks that are incorporated into the Andalusian Caprino Selection and Breeding Center (Fuente Vaqueros, Granada) we select the sons of the best mothers (MFS) The selection of the Mothers of Future bucks (MFS) is carried out among the females that have undergone an “inter-flock” evaluation process and that therefore belong to the connected flocks, with the best genetic indices, both for the traits of production and composition of milk as well as for morphology. The selected females must present genetic levels that exceed the thresholds established by the Management Commission. Then they pass strict controls to guarantee sanitary safety and must comply with the morphological requirements. Once the dam has been selected, artificial insemination is carried out with males of high genetic value from the ‘Centro de Sementales’. The offspring of this insemination will potentially be the future Bucks that will enter the Selection and Breeding Center.

Selection of females for insemination.

Choosing and preparing goats for insemination can have a major impact on fertility through insemination. To carry out an insemination, we select the goats with the highest Genetic Value and Reliability suitable to begin the treatment. In addition, a series of factors related to the physiology of the animal must be taken into account (age, calving interval, reproductive results in previous years, abortions, pseudo-pregnancy, etc.). They must also meet a series of morphological requirements with special relevance of the mammary system, which is so important for the productive capacity as for the longevity of the animals.

Authorized Bucks centers